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Happy customer
Had to get it - had 20 minutes of aerobatics in real life some years ago.
This is a very good product, you did a helluva job - most impressive.
Really hope you sell a lot of copies.
Steve James
Simply not only the best G.A aircraft I have seen and flown for fs2004 but the best aircraft fullstop.
Gareth John
This product rates as one of the best I have ever purchased. Just so much detail in the design and in the textures.
As good as any Carenado or simular addons. Well done SibWings
David Williams
I have just had a short flight on the bird and I am breathless. I did not know that it is possible to simulate almost everything on this plane. The 3D cockpit is out of this world.
Very well built and a beautiful flight experience.
I give this product 10 out of 10
Really good craftmanship!
But why the crappy helmets on the pilots? Looks like they are painted on their skulls......I mean all that work on realism on the aircraft, and then "puppets" in the cockpit?!
Just my two cent"s....
Chet Two Wolves
Dear Sir. I think that is outstanding. Also i was woudering. Could you do a paint job with civil markings american. This saab91 would make outstanding bush plane in alaska. Even if is made up. Keep up the outstanding work.
It couldn"t be better!
Just as focused on the threshold in this
virtual virtual version as in the real deal!
Wow! Best VC I"ve seen in a payware product. Very immersive, and full of click-on goodies. The sounds are awesome from the engine to the switch snaps to the creeking windows - love it!
Pat yourselves on the back SibWings!
Thank you for this wonderful and "different" bird: finally an european aircraft!I enyoy flying HB-DBL in the virtual "swiss sky".
One of the best GA aircraft that I have!
Nick Wilson
Very good product which compares favourably with Carenado"s recent releases.
David Voogd
Absolutely fantastic addon. Great sounds, incredible virtual cockpit, fantastic flight model, and insane framerates (60-70 fps!!!). The documentation is also quite good, I really like the history section, very informative.
Awesome job. When I am flying this aircraft and look out at my photo scenery, I sometimes get dizzy. Very realistic, the ground effect is great but watch out if you are not familiar with how a real aircraft behaves. ;) I have been flying all over France and Alaska in HBDL admiring my France VFR and AK Cinematic scenery. The perfect sightseeing plane.
Vincent Muller
Fantastic aircraft, very immersive. Thank you SibWings!
Lewis Gregory
This is an absolutely superlative product. My compliments to the SibWings team for a job well done, and I can"t wait to see what you come up with next!
Franco Zanaboni
Great effort! Compliments to the SibWings stuff ! The Safir is without any doubt one of the best products available elsewhere in the FS world.
Thanks to Sibwings people for their kindness and goodwill.
Niklas Kull
This is by far the best General Aviation aircraft ever built for MSFS! Congratulations on that.
It became my favorite plane to fly in fs9.(With the best VC)
Very great job.
Thanks to SibWings team.
Renato Piereck
Sibwings has set news standards of excellence with the SAAB Safir. It is absolutely stunning! The level of detail and the quality of the whole aircraft are a breath of fresh air in the general aviation add on market.
Basil Wynbergen
I have over 70 "planes in FS9 and thought some were good, (in particular the Carenado series and the DC-3s & B-25 from MAAM) ... but your SAFIR beats the lot!!! Fantastic I only wish I could understand how to download the G- version! Can someone help me?
Per Ståhle
Simply the best of all MSFS add-ons I have ever seen or flown!!! (And I have seen/flown most of whats out there on the market) You Guys beats EVERYTHING! I am speachless... beyond words. This is as good as it gets! Top notch! One word; AWSOME!!!
Thank YOU again for a FANTASTIC plane!!!
Sebastian Kissler
I love old vintage planes and this one`s atmosphere is by far the best I`ve ever seen - and I nearly own all the vintage stuff from Carenado & Co. The textures, the modeling of the VC, the fluid 3D-gauges... everything crisp and clear and still unreached by anyone else.

Another nice aspect: This is not simply a screenshot simulator, it flies like a dream and the performance is better than with a Microsoft standard plane!