SAAB 91 "Safir" MSFS 2004 add-on

SAAB 91 Safir add-on:

Four different models with four different VCs and four different texture sets. Our 3d panel is highly-functional and easy-to-use, so we decided not to include 2d panel in the package as there's no need for it. For those who are used to fly with it we provide a freeware one.

So far we have four different liveries in our base package. Later we will provide more Safir liveries for free. You can also try to create different liveries with the help of our Paint Kit which you can download in the freeware section. Best liveries will be posted on our website, so you are welcome with your ideas.

For more detailed information and a better flying experience we recommend you to download and read SAAB 91 Safir User Guide.

Unfortunately, a freeware airport is not included in the package at the moment as we promised, but it will be available for free downloading a bit later.

As to the box version, we are planning to launch it in an enlarged package (Lufthansa D-EBED, also we're trying to contact Safir Flight-Display team "Team-2000") soon after FSX release. As you can guess this add-on will be compatible with FSX and our customers will get the update for free.

Talking about Safir box version, it is necessary to mention that we're looking for partners who can help with its distribution and are open for commercial proposals. So, if you are working on FS market and interested in our product, please, contact us.

And the last important thing, the starting price is 20 euros, it might go up later with the release of an enlarged version. At the moment you can buy our product ONLY on our website via PayPal or 2checkout payment systems. Note that you don't need a PayPal account to make a purchase through PayPal system, you can just use your credit card directly.

Answering the question about selling our product with the help of other FS publishers, we should say that their offers are not suitable for us at the moment. But we are working in this direction and will try to find the best solutions for the convenience of our customers.

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